Davies Residence Addition

This addition was Designed by Phil Sydnor of Integrate Architecture. We added on to the back side of the house. The wall that used to be the back of the house was opened up and we made the kitchen cabinets into a peninsula with a raised bar area. We had to add additional cabinets to […]



Thompson Residence Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen remodel was an update to the original kitchen. It has completely new maple cabinets with a peninsula. All the cabinets were installed with coordinating crown molding. Although they don’t go all the way to ceiling, these maple cabinets are extra tall because of the higher ceilings in the room. This kitchen also has […]



Brooks Residence Kitchen

The original kitchen was approximately half the size. To make it larger we opened the wall and then installed a beam along the center of the house with supports bellow to allow for the new larger space. We added a bank of window above the sink that required additional structural modifications as well. We installed […]

Brooks Kitchen View 1


Nahigian Dual Kitchen Remodel + Trim & Tile work

This customer was preparing to sell a home they purchased to flip. We installed cabinets for this customer in both a main floor kitchen and a secondary basement kitchen. We also installed the porcelain tile on the floors on the main floor of the house and granite tile on all the countertops. We installed trim […]

Basement Kitchen