Bath DetailThere are no wrong or stupid questions. We do this everyday. We don’t expect everyone to know what allowable span for #2 Douglas fir 2×10’s are or what types of tile need to be sealed before you grout not after. If you do know, that’s ok too. But, we always want people to feel comfortable enough to ask.

Answers to a few common questions:

How long does it take to receive a bid?

It varies depending on the size and/or complexity of your project. It will usually take a few days, but no longer than a week.

If we do hire you how much do we have to put down?

We collect a down payment of 30%-50% of the contract price when we sign the contract. This varies from project to project and is usually dependent on the size of the job.

What is the line item for overhead & project management for?

These costs break down as follows:

Overhead is for anything that keeps us in business. That would be for things like; This website, business cards, Licensing, Bonding & Insurance fees, Gas for vehicles, Upkeep & purchase of tools.

Project management is for the time involved in keeping your project running. That would including things like time spent fielding phone calls, organizing with subcontractors, researching products or materials, and other general project related duties.

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