Brooks Residence Kitchen

Brooks Kitchen View 1The original kitchen was approximately half the size. To make it larger we opened the wall and then installed a beam along the center of the house with supports bellow to allow for the new larger space. We added a bank of window above the sink that required additional structural modifications as well. We installed “semi-custom” cabinets around the kitchen with a decorative crown molding. There are beautiful solid surface granite countertops and a tile backsplash of 6″ complementary tile rising up to meet the cabinets. Can lights were added all the way around to ensure enough light for cooking and two more decorative lighting fixtures placed in the center. The flooring tile turned out especially nice with the 12″ tile broken up by interspersed diamonds of accent tile. The part that makes the floor look so special was the bold choice to use a “black cherry” grout that gave the whole floor the impression of stained glass.Brooks Kitchen View 2

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