Brooks Residence Kitchen

The original kitchen was approximately half the size. To make it larger we opened the wall and then installed a beam along the center of the house with supports bellow to allow for the new larger space. We added a bank of window above the sink that required additional structural modifications as well. We installed […]

Brooks Kitchen View 1


Davis Residence Remodel

We changed out all the flooring from oak and carpet to tile and Brazilian cherry. The gas fireplace was changed from a small corner unit to a larger one in the center of the room. We rebuilt the wall to accommodate it and installed a custom built cherry mantel with granite tile to match the […]



Grigsby Residence Bathroom

This was a complete remodel of an existing bathroom. It has a very polished look as we used two different types of marble. One for the shower and countertops and another for the floors. We install a very large cast iron tub and built the trim on the face of the tub deck to match […]

Marble bathroom


Knight Residence Entryway Deck & Railing

We revisited the Knight residence to replace an old and rotting deck for new. We followed the same layout that wound down the side of the hill to the house allowing us to make use of the pre-existing cast railings. Those railings had to be striped of the corroding paint and refinished before being reinstalled. […]



Gamble Residence Addition

The customer wanted to increase the size of two of the bedrooms in her house and add a private bathroom in each. As you can see from the before photo we added onto the daylight basement area on the backside of the house. In total we extended out about 8 feet and transfered the windows […]

Gamble Basement Exterior After
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