Humphrey Residence Garage

Exterior view of garage

Small garage in backyard

We did a tear-down of the existing garage which was too small for a car to fit in and was falling down. We built this new one utilizing part of the existing slab and poured new footings and a small concrete patio. The property backs up to a grass covered alley between the neighboring properties. We build a driveway out of cement pavers that would allow water to pass through them and allow grass to grow. We also installed drainage. Although the garage is not in use for cars now it is set up to be whenever the homeowners would like to, in the future. The fence to the alley would just have to be taken down. Electrical was run underground to the garage to power interior and exterior lights, the garage door opener and outlets for a workbench we installed. There is storage space above.

Interior view of garage construction

Interior view of garage construction

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